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What is Soil Remediation and How Does it Work?

soilSoil remediation is also referred to as soil washing. It is a process used to remove contaminants from soil, such as hydrocarbons, pesticides, cyanides, semi-volatiles, cyanides, heavy metals, and creosote. There are four main ways to perform soil remediation:

Thermal Soil Remediation – This method involves heating contaminated material into the primary treatment unit (PTU) to 650-900° F to evaporate hydrocarbons and water. The material is discharged to a cooling unit where water is added. The material is then tested and recycled.

Bioremediation – As the name implies, this method of soil remediation uses biological means to clean the soil. Bacteria is added to the soil to break down the hydrocarbons and other pollutants. The bacteria consume the contaminants and then die off.

Air Sparging – Air sparging involves injecting large volumes of air into the soil stratum. This forces organic vapors outwards where they are subjected to carbon filtering.

Encapsulation – Rather than filtering contaminants from the soil, the encapsulation technique separates them. The most common way to do this is by mixing the contaminated soil with concrete, cement, and lime, which prevents the contaminants from sullying clean soil.

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rykin pump company logoSince 1970, Rykin Pump Company has become an industry leader in service station equipment and maintenance. Our customers rely on us to keep their gas stations operating safely, and our trained technicians’ skills and knowledge are put to work every day. We offer a variety of services in addition to our products, including:

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  • Soil Remediation, Analysis, and Disposal
  • Underground Storage Tank Installation and Removal
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The products we sell range from parts for gas station pumps to lighting and POS systems – everything you need to run your gas station safely and efficiently.

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