Oil Field Construction in Texas

Texas is a leader in oil production, churning out more than a million barrels of oil each year for the past three years.Unfortunately, this leads to a lot of potential for soil contamination. However, when done right, gas station and oil field construction in Texas can be extremely safe. That is where Rykin Pump Company comes in.

Our gas station supply company in Texas has been around for more than 47 years and has been offering petroleum construction services for more than 30 years. In that time, we have become leaders in underground and above-ground storage tank placement and removal.

The secret to our success comes from our attention to detail. We want to make sure whatever project you’re working on, whether it’s an expansion of your service station or a loading rack construction, Is done with safety as the top priority.

Extensive Capabilities for New Construction and Remodels

Whether you’re part of a large petroleum corporation or operate a gas station facility for a small business, our technicians treat you and your project with the utmost respect. We have a 6,600 square-foot storage facility for components like service canopies, imaging, lighting, dispensers, nozzles, and tanks.

As part of our gas station construction offerings, we are happy to install any of these parts for your business, ensuring that each step of the installation process is followed precisely. We offer the following capabilities:

  • Loading Rack Construction
  • Concrete Construction
  • Oil Field Construction
  • C-Store Construction
  • Canopy Installations
  • Excavations

Combating Soil Contamination

When you work with other companies to remove an underground storage tank, you may encounter soil contamination. This happens when excess oil seeps into the ground. It can pose a serious risk to the rest of your property and the area around it because the contaminated soil can lead to contaminated groundwater.

Fortunately, when you work with us, you can rest assured that your soil will remain clean. Our contractors remove all contaminated soil and process it so the contaminants can be removed. During any gas station construction or maintenance project, we strive to ensure not only your complete satisfaction but also your complete safety.

Contact us today to learn more about our oil field and gas station construction services, and fuel management systems in Texas. We proudly serve clients in and around Odessa, Texas, West Texas and Eastern New Mexico.