Electrical Services

Rykin Electric is a State licensed electrical company with master and journeyman electricians. When you need an electrician with many years of experience able to handle any size job including residential, commercial, industrial, and new construction services Rykin is who you call.. Our fast, friendly, competitive rates and no obligation free estimates is all you need to set appointments that fit your needs.

We recommend

  • All electrical cable terminations, connectors, bus-bars, and plugs should be inspected on a routine basis for security. The frequency of inspection depends on the operating environment, and changes in load experienced by the circuit. The greater the load changes, the greater the temperature swing the connections are exposed to. The resulting expansion and contraction of the connections creates loose connections over time.

                             Repair and Installations

• Main disconnect                          • wiring problems in commercial buildings

•Sub panel                                       •Grounding system                                  

•Explosion Proof Boxes                 • Lightning rod

•LED Lighting                                  •Service upgrade

•Vapor tight Lighting                     •Panel circuit breaker

•Breaker                                           • New electrical and remodel construction

•Fuses                                               •Surge protection                                               

•Transfer switch hook up              •Timer

•Cable TV                                         •Contactor overload relay

•Phone jack                                     •Trouble shooting

•Motor hook up                              •Ballast

•Photo cell                                       •Disconnect switch

•Sub panel                                       •Ceiling fan installation

•Panel Upgrades                            •Switch

•Main breaker                                •Light flickering fixed

•Flood lights                                    •Appliance hook up

•G.F.C.I. plug                                   •New Electrical Installation