Outfit Your Service Station with the Right Equipment

automotive lifts texasService stations these days have to navigate in an extremely competitive market. To succeed, you need something that other gas stations don’t – high-quality equipment from Rykin Pump Company. We stock everything you need to keep your service station running in optimal condition so you can keep your customers happy.


To run a successful gas station, you need to utilize the latest technology. Rykin pump offers duel dispensers, fuel management systems, mechanical tank gages, nozzles and other hanging hardware, automatic tank gages, DEF storage tanks and more.

Electric & POS Systems

Electricity keeps the modern service station moving, so we are proud to provide electrical services, including inspections and repairs. We also offer lighting for service stations that will make you an oasis to late-night drivers.

To keep your retail space bustling, we also provide gas station POS systems.

Automotive Lifts & More

If your service station also offers vehicle services like oil changes and tire rotations, we also provide products like lubrication equipment, gage sticks, and automotive lifts in Texas.

When you need high-quality gas station equipment, turn to the supply company that will work to meet your needs. Our team is ready to assist you with the latest fueling station equipment when you call us at 866-603-5998.