Preparing the Site for Oilfield Construction

oil drillingOilfield construction requires careful preparation. Here are the steps that we need to take to ensure that your oil field is in legal compliance and allows you to drill for years to come responsibly.

Environmental Impact Studies

Doing environmental impact studies helps you avoid costly mistakes down the line. Having to do revisions halfway through construction to reduce environmental impact is extremely expensive and eats up a lot of time. Making sure your operation is ecologically responsible is important.

Road Access

The next step is to create access roads to your construction site. They will need to be wide, level roads that allow machinery and commercial vehicles to access the site easily.

Clearing Vegetation

The next step to prepare your oilfield construction site is to clear trees and other vegetation so that you can expand your facilities.

Construction Pads

Next, we construct construction pads which give us a temporary drilling site. These can be made from gravel, shell, or local lumber. While they can be made from concrete or asphalt, it is important to make sure you are meeting environmental regulations.

Reserve Pit

The final step is to create a reserve pit which will be used to store discarded drilling materials like water, rock, mud, and any ground fluids that come to the surface. Items in the reserve pit will then be safely disposed of at a later date.

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