What is DEF?

gas stationDEF, or diesel exhaust fluid, is the answer to new emission requirements from the EPA. This fuel is a high purity solution of urea in demineralized water. Unlike regular diesel, DEF can be safely handled by humans and looks very similar to water. It is not toxic, hazardous, flammable, or explosive, making it much safer to use. However, you can’t just fill your diesel truck with DEF – you will need a separate tank.

DEF Saves Money and the Environment

For every 100 gallons of diesel fuel required, you only need 3 gallons of DEF. DEF also reduces nitrogen oxide emissions and allows engines to operate at maximum efficiency. This increases the fuel economy of your vehicle and lowers your fuel costs.

DEF meets the most recent set of Clean Air Act specifications enforced by the EPA. It also fits the automotive industry specifications defined by ISO 22241.

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